Friday, 30 November 2012


Hello Potters and Friends,

Thank goodness, my kiln is now back in action. The programmer was not controlling the temperature in the kiln. I nearly lost a whole load of porcelain but I switched it off just in time, before the temperature rocketed up at a frightening speed.
However, the kiln might be in tip-top condition but my left foot is not. Owing to a dislocated toe I cannot continue potting in the workshop for a while. But I can show you what came out of the kiln after I’d re-fired the near disaster. And I’ll show you how to make my origami Christmas creations that have kept me busy whilst putting my feet up.

So here we go - first some porcelain; 

My pots on stands are very popular, look great as a table centrepiece, and I love making them. 

Now something a bit bigger ;

Porcelain and stoneware. Black stain and a dab of red underglaze. One of my favourite forms.

'Morning Glory' in the Delft style. Cobalt oxide decoration.

And here's some stoneware ;

Tall pot with incised lid. The motif was painted with red iron oxide at the greenware stage so that the lines would stay sharp, then I dipped it in my favourite white satin glaze. The oxide burns through the glaze. 

'Pot-Bellied Pot'
White satin glaze with manganese and copper carbonate. Each end dipped leaving a bare neck, which was then painted with the oxide mixture.

'Black Daisy Bowl'
Red iron oxide and gold decoration with transparent glaze. 

But now here comes the origami ! 
I love paper, and used to make paper bowls long before I got hooked on clay. 

STEP 1.  Fold a square piece of paper into a triangle.

STEP 2. Fold the bottom right corner to the top angle and then repeat with the bottom left. You now have a diamond shape.

STEP 3. Unfold each triangle, open them out by inserting a finger, then press them flat.

STEP 4. Fold back the little triangle on both sides.

STEP 5. Fold again to hide the white paper.

STEP 6.  Fold into a cone shape having put a dab of glue to hold it in place. 

STEP 7. This is the end result and then you make 4 more. Don't worry, they're very quick once you've got it.

STEP 8. Dab of glue on the side and stick all 5 together.

Mine are going to be strung together and hung from the mantlepiece as well as adding one to each Christmas gift.


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