Saturday, 30 May 2015


Hello Potters and Friends,

Yes, our Warwickshire Open Studio exhibition is very close now; beginning the end of June and running for two weeks into July. And so my, 'never been seen before, hand-painted, unglazed collection' is just about ready for the eyes of the world.

In the previous post you can see how I trimmed and turned this pot before firing, and this is the finished piece – unglazed, as I'd said before, but I always like a glaze on the inside.

A little fan-shaped pot. Thrown, then the sides were gently pushed in. When glazing I prefer to paint it on to avoid drips on the outside. And I don't go right up to the top of the rim. This is so I can have better control when creating a straight edge. 

However....this one, and the one after, contradicts what I've just said!! Oh well, Hey ho!

I'm not very expert at dipping into a glaze and getting a level edge. I will always be on the slant! So that's why I painted on this glaze too. But that must be tricky when painting the inside of that rounded shoulder, I hear you cry. 
Well, yes it was, but I had an idea....

I bent a brush. I can't tell you how thrilled I was with this invention. I even interrupted Alan in his study brandishing the bent brush crying, " I've just got to show you this. Isn't it brilliant?" 
And looking back, I don't think he asked me what it was for. 

I'm also having a table at my grandson's Nursery Craft and general fun time event. I always like to have small and inexpensive pieces on sale so that everyone can take something away with them.  

 This Chinese writing says "MARRIAGE"

I am constantly looking at other potters' work, and it surprises me how I am so drawn to artists who produce work that is nothing like mine. 


Witty and unsentimental hand-painted figures.