Friday, 3 April 2015


Hello Potters and Friends,

Cesar Manrique – he is the artist that captured my attention last week.

Five of us went on a family holiday to Lanzarote in the Canary islands, and Manrique has had such a big influence over the whole island, it's difficult not to see his artistic presence everywhere.  

 His many kinetic wind toys, as he called them, stand in strategic spots throughout the volcanic island turning and swirling in the perpetual breeze.

We visited his house that he built inside and around large volcanic bubbles. In each bubble he created either a living space or an outdoor pool linked by a lava tunnel to a barbecue area. 
One large bubble housed some of his sketches for his wind toys as well as some of his ceramics. 

Are these bold brush strokes or what......?

By coincidence I had just made a pot of a similar shape the week before. (Without the ears and the top-knot of course. I'd not thought of that combination!) 

Getting it out of the damp cupboard I realised that it needed a lot of trimming so I had to create a make-shift chuck in order to work on it upside down. 
So here was my solution....

I had a pot to hand with a good flared rim. Centre it and secure it.

A square of bubble wrap to protect my pot from getting marked and over she goes.

Spirit level to ensure no wonky bottom.

Then place a finger in the centre to keep it from tilting. 

A few bold strokes of my own and it's ready for the kiln.