Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hello Potters and Friends,

Lots have been going on this summer in our small town. The best fun was the Warwick Folk Festival.

My son Leo came home that weekend and off we went feeling slightly underdressed. (Note the woman to the left of the picture.) And, believe me, she looked quite ordinary compared to some.

But Alan preferred the Ukulele Festival that took place in the pub gardens on the Campion Hills just a few minutes away.

I heard it perfectly well by just opening the back door of our house!

But what's all this sausage business, I hear you cry??  Well, I'm trying to make photographs of my work a whole lot more interesting.

More and more, our work is being judged initially on a photograph. I was contacted, only this week to take part in an Art Fair in Stratford-upon-Avon. The invitation came after someone looked at the photographs on my website. But I also have photographs on this blog and on my new Facebook page. So they are important and I want to put the sizzle out there

So I'm going to show you some of my experimental pics. Some are good, some don't work at all. But I think I'm getting a little bit closer to the sizzle.

I love this picture. A few years ago I had a passion for making paper bowls and now I have a use for the ones I still have. I displayed my pots at the Open Studio Exhibition like this and the red bowls caught the imagination. So Japanese-style pots against the red sun of Japan.

The Charwan teacup got the same treatment. I also deliberately chose a wooden base. Wood, clay and paper all in one small space.

I've made my friend Bernie a personalised jug and thought a nice lace cloth would give that tea-time homely look. But I've decided it's altogether too busy and just wrong. 

 But this I think I got right. Bright blue cups had to be on my white Welsh dresser. 

The next two photos were taken outside and here's a tip; Natural light is perfect, but don't pick a sunny day. The sun will reflect on the glaze, wash out the colour and create flares. A lovely dull day is what we want. 

It's not over exposed by sunlight. And good contrast between porcelain and rough wood-chips.

My little painted boats seem to be shipwrecked on the rocks! Both pics get a tick.

Of course, showing a use for the bowl is always a good idea.  

But I was once asked.... what would you put in a casserole dish?? For once I was lost for words.

 I photographed these on my oak kitchen table to give the feeling of warmth. If you removed the lid you might find a creamy Irish stew inside. I think I could go further with this idea. Maybe a few veg?

I'm so enjoying setting up the photographs that I haven't put my hands in clay all week!