Sunday, 1 April 2012

15. Spring Forward

Hello Potters and Friends,

Spring is truly here in England. Daffodils, tulips and our Magnolia tree (although still quite small) has caused quite a bit of jealous whispering and a few envious looks from our neighbours.

Do I look proud? I bought it as a small stick from the green-grocers 10 years ago.

And here is another proud gardener in her garden last summer.....

Rosie's roof-top garden.

Keeping up the family gardening tradition, our daughter, Rosie, has transformed her concrete roof terrace into a beautiful vegetable and flower producing garden.
If you've ever had the urge to grow your own veg' then follow her lead and turn a bare space into a thing of beauty.  Read all about it on  Starting from this spring through to winter.

But back to the plot.....or rather, move on from the plot!
In my last post I promised to show you the results of my clay throwing technique. 

The before.....

...and when glazed (right) plus one other.

As I predicted the glaze beautifully emphasised my finger marks.
Also last time, I showed how I overlapped my tenmoku glaze with a white satin to produce a strong ochre band. Well, I experimented with this idea.

From the kiln this week.

I used an ear-drop syringe from the chemist (plus gravity) to create the runs, by holding the pot on its side.
I think I might have also invented the drip-catching rim on the bottom. But who knows, maybe not.

So, the kiln has been getting a good workout recently, and as I stay out of my basement workshop when it's on, I took this opportunity to get back to some painting.

Acrylic on American Ammunitions Box. (The Lid)

A local second-hand shop has the most surprising things piled-up in the doorway. 15 ammunition boxes from the USA suddenly appeared last month. Who could resist them and just walk by? Not me. I was at the counter in a flash buying two of them. My plan was to take them apart and paint the flowers from my garden on them. 
Not so easy. Ammunition boxes are made to carry a great weight.        ALAN!!!!!
But even Alan had to get down the hardware shop and buy a new crowbar. But, after blood, sweat and tears and a hundred long nails later, I set up my paints on the kitchen table - my favourite spot for painting - and settled down to it.    

Nasturtiums on the end panel.

Daisies on a rough bottom.

Happy Potting and Painting Folks.